Personalised Phone Case Printing Explained

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 Print your own images from your phone, Facebook or Instagram straight onto your phone case! Visually tell your story through the customisation of cases for your smartphone. Your design is reflected in a hand-finished case of  quality, using materials made for space, used on Earth. Below we've explained each of the types of cases we do.

What is the difference between each of the cases?

The Snap Case makes it easy to slide your phone into a pocket or handbag. Its slim and chic, designed with space grade material and function in mind, Snap delivers high spec protection to any device. Snap out of convention with Snap.

The Tough Case is built for those who like to tough it out. It has two layers for extra durability and protection. Designed with materials made for space, but used on earth, the Tough case is made virtually indestructible. The added liner cushions your phone against impact. The Tough is made for life.

The Clik Case is designed for those of who like to change their case as often as they change their clothes. The rugged outer bumper protects your phone while the interchangeable shell gives it the look you want. Clik your style.

The BakPak 1 Case is designed for those on the go who like to travel light, the sleek, discreet design is manufactured from materials used in aerospace with an interchangeable sliding shell and a baseplate. One card is easily stored with a single sliding motion. Just pack it and go!

The BakPak 2 Case is built tough to protect your phone and your belongings. Its outer shell disguises a hidden compartment that stores two cards. A TPU cushion liner encases the phone and safeguards it from damage. The ambitious design of the BakPak 2 perfectly melds form and function.

The BakPak 3 Case blurs the lines between phone case and wallet. The visionary construction makes it easy to store everything needed in a phone case. Its design defies convention using space grade materials, dual layer protection for extra durability and an interchangeable sliding shell. Slide it and hide it with the BakPak 3.

The Folio Case is an inspired way to carry life’s necessities. Business cards, cash, identification, credit cards and a phone all in one stylish folio. Its sleek form and contemporary design give it a stand-out look. Made with faux leather and modern grey elastic fastening, the Folio makes a statement. Open up your story.

Some of the popular phones we do :

Apple iPhone 4 4s 5 5s 5C 7 7Plus 6 6s 6plus, SE

Galaxy S7 S7 Edge S6 Edge Plus S6 Edge S6

Huawei P9