Olivetti and the Environment

ErP Compliance

The ErP (Energy-related Products) Lot 6, enforced from 7th January 2013, is an EU eco-design directive with the aim to evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of electronic products with regards to the use of energy.
Olivetti’s MFPs and printers are designed to comply with this standard from the outset.
To be compliant with ErP Lot6, an electronic device must match the following criteria:

  1. Limitation of power consumption - The maximum power consumption of electronic devices in standby mode to be less than 0.5W
  2. Power consumption management - The device should be switched to ‘stand-by’ mode automatically, when the device is not used.

The influence of Energy Star 2.0

Energy Star is a trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. It helps users to save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices.

To address this demand, Olivetti’s products not only meet the Energy Star accreditation, but actually perform better than the standards suggest. So what does that mean?

The Energy Star label was established in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, caused by the inefficient use of energy, and make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features and comfort.

Olivetti’s products earn the Energy Star label by meeting the energy efficiency requirements set out in Energy Star product specifications based on the following set of key guiding principles:

  • Products must contribute significant energy savings nationwide.
  • Qualified products must deliver the features and performance demanded by consumers, in
    addition to increased energy efficiency.
  • Energy efficiency can be achieved through broadly available, non-proprietary technologies
    offered by more than one manufacturer.
  • Product energy consumption and performance can be measured and verified with testing.

That means, our products have been specifically designed to reduce the amount of energy office machines use. New state-of-the-art technologies such as Induction Fusing and Polymerised Toner, which has a considerably lower fusing temperature when compared to conventional pulverised toners, combine to achieve lower fixing temperatures and deliver shorter warm-up times.


The effects of Typical Electricity Consumption (TEC)

One aim for every newly developed Olivetti MFP is not only to follow the latest environmental regulations, but to fall well below the necessary limit values.

One very representative value is TEC (Typical Electricity Consumption) used for the Energy Star certificate. The TEC value is measured in KW/h per working week by representing a typical office environment and its data work-flow of copying, printing, scanning and faxing.

Calculations take into account fluctuations throughout the day so are really very accurate.

For instance, the new high-speed d-Color MF652PLUS has a TEC value of just 4.9 KW/h per working week, representing the lowest TEC value of any product in this speed class in today’s market.

The Blue Angel Award’s common goal is to inform consumers about environmentally friendly products thereby giving global support to product-related environmental protection.

This information is available in the public domain to allow users to make an informed choice and there are various software tools available to compare the rating of each machine. Our sales consultants will be happy to illustrate for you your current office printing equipment energy use and possible savings using this TEC information.


Other ways in which Olivetti products reduce energy consumption.

Olivetti’s d-Color MFPs offer many power saving modes to reduce the energy consumption including:

ECO Print - The Control Panel is not activated when only printing, thereby saving energy.

ECO Scan - The fusing unit is not required, therefore not activated when only scanning, which saves even more energy for the customer.

Enhanced Sleep Mode – This uses only 3 Watts. The MFP will “wake-up” automatically when a print job is received via the LAN, or by an incoming fax or when the control panel is touched. Sleep Mode is initiated by the Weekly Timer or the Power Save button.

New Power Save Mode – This uses only 0.5 Watt ensuring compliance with the European ErP Directive. Power Save Mode has no “wake-up” functionality other than when initiated by the Weekly Timer or when the Power Save button is pressed.

Dynamic ECO Timer - Automatically adapts and sets the timer for the MFP to switch on and off based on actual usage over an analysis of 4 weeks. When switching off, it can be set to either of the two Power Save modes (Sleep or ErP).

ECO Meter – Provides evidence of the MFP’s environmental performance giving instant details of paper and energy savings by using n-up and duplex, as well as the active times of the different power modes and the electricity consumed.

The Blue Angel Award

The Blue Angel Award’s common goal is to inform consumers about environmentally friendly products thereby giving global support to product-related environmental protection.

Olivetti goes a long way to ensuring their products conform to the stringent environmental directives in place. In particular the long-life drums and developers in their copiers and printers, are highly reliable and productive and this reduces service intervals, maintenance costs and user downtime. Low cost, high yield toner cartridges deliver more pages for less money and, when the toner runs out, all that needs replacing is the toner in an easy to replace cartridge, and not the drum, as these are now separate units.

Documentation for setting up the machines can be downloaded via the internet or are available on DVD to reduce printing but, by their very nature, all models are able to handle 100% recycled paper without affecting output quality or warranty.

Environmental Policy across the Olivetti Range

Olivetti extends its environmental care policy much further than just its A3 colour products. The latest range of A4 MFPs have been designed to comply with all RoHS regulations.

Among the changes required to comply, their cold-cathode fluorescent lights, for scanning, have been replaced by energy-saving LED lights.

Olivetti’s ECO FRIENDLY range of professional calculators are available with antiseptic keypads, to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria or micro-organisms to users. They deliver impressive quality, performance and reliability levels, improved energy efficiency and savings, and are made from recycled and easily recyclable materials.

One of the energy saving features of the range is that they operate with low energy consumption and the display automatically switches off after 3 minutes of inactivity, but still maintains any current calculations in their memory.

Today, manufacturers have to prove their worth when it comes to the environment. It needs to be cared for and part of the responsibility for sustainability rests with them.